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Leaf: Digital receipts you will love. 

The best solution for issuing legally compliant, contactless and digital receipts from any point of sale. No hardware, no app, no personal data!

Are you still printing receipts?

This is how it works:

1. Connect

We connect your POS to Leaf and you simply place a QR code next to your POS

2. Payment

Customers pay as usual, cash / card / coupons / hugs – it doesn't matter!

3. Scan

Once finished, they scan the QR code with their smartphone – no apps required, the camera is enough!

4. Receive

The customer receives the digital receipt in the mobile browser.

5. Save

Customers can download the receipt as a PDF, have it sent to them by email or add it to their personal Leaf account.

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Superpower your checkout

Leaf digitizes not only the receipt, but the entire journey after:

Issue smart digital receipts

Reward customers for loyalty

Stay in touch & keep your customers

Use intelligent marketing tools to bring them back into your business

Your benefits

Tax and revenue office compliant

Reduce paper waste & make a positive environmental impact

Fulfills the receipt issuing obligations "Belegpflicht"

Contactless and hygienic interaction

GDPR compliant

Saves time and space at your POS

Simple integration available for all POS terminals

Optionally: reward customers' loyalty super easily and stay in touch with them in the future

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Get more information

Whether you're looking for paperless receipt delivery, simpler ways to reward your local customers for loyalty or itching to engage better with your customers – get more info about Leaf now!


Data security

Leaf uses the highest and most secure level of encryption protecting the data for your customers at all times. We comply with all European standards concerning data protection (GDPR), and our servers are located in Germany (Frankfurt).

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