Unlock the hidden value of digital receipts



Leaf allows you to identify, track and analyze in-store customer behavior and preferences so you can engage them with personalized loyalty programs, all thanks to the issuance of the Leaf digital receipt.

This is the best sustainable & cost-saving platform  that adapts to your workflow - all with just one QR code ! No hardware, no app, no personal data needed!  

Do you want to know more about how this works?

Leaf works as simple as this:

1. Place the QR CODE next to your cash register and deliver contact-less digital receipts 

We connect your POS system to Leaf and you simply set up a QR code next to your cash register so that customers can scan it with their smartphone and receive their digital receipt anonymously.

2. Generate customer ID and collect and analyze relevant customer data

After scanning the QR code, the customer is automatically assigned an ID number. Thanks to the ID number, you get acess to relevant data to measure and forecast your customer behavior -and other metrics-, such as how often your customer visits your store and which products they have bought.

3. Identify, track, analyze and target customers online and offline

Identify, track and segment your customers, measure and forecast their behavior, and measure the impact of your digital marketing campaigns

4. Engage with your customers

Address your customers with personalized promotions, recommendations, discounts or vouchers. You can even ask for feedback!


Give superpowers to your payment process

Leaf not only digitizes the receipt, but the entire subsequent process:


The customer pays as usual: whether in cash, by card or voucher - it doesn't matter!


After paying, the customer scans the QR code with their smartphone - they don't need an app, the camera is sufficient!


The customer receives the digital receipt in the internet browser. 


The customer can download the receipt as a PDF,  with the choise of getting it from a personal Leaf account.


The advantages

Contactless and hygienic

Fast & easy integration available for every cash register

Compliant with the tax office and fulfills all requirements for documentation

GDPR compliant

Reduces paper waste and the negative impact on the environment

Use intelligent marketing tools

Keep in touch with customers

Reward customers for their loyalty

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