Smart receipts, rewards and insights all in one platform

We provide brick & mortar retailers with powerful tools to track, target and engage with customers post-purchase.

Think of Leaf as an offline cookie - the missing link between you and your customers.


Make your receipts smart

Whether legacy or modern POS, Leaf enables you to deliver smart digital receipts to your customers with no app required. Convert a tedious checkout process into an engagement opportunity while skipping the paper waste.

You already issue digital receipts? Nice! Leaf can smarten those for you, too.

Reward your customers

for loyalty and post-checkout interactions via the Leaf Rewards Program.

By joining Leaf, you're giving your customers the opportunity to collect bonus points and earn rewards on one central platform - no more signing up with every individual store. Choose simplicity to engage existing customers and acquire new ones.

Know your customers

Leaf's data-driven insights allow you to learn who your customers are and what they value. On top of that, they provide you with effective methods to increase customer engagement.

We take security seriously

256-bit TLS encryption

We use the highest and most secure level of encryption. Your data is therefore protected at all times.


We comply with all standards set under the GDPR framework regarding data protection and privacy in the European Union.

Server location

All our servers are located in Germany.


Get Leaf

Whether you're looking for paperless receipt delivery, simpler ways to reward loyalty or an improved engagement with your customers - leave us your details, we'll get back to you within 12 hours.