Our Mission

Our mission at Leaf is to help the offline businesses that are the souls of our cities and towns to be more sustainable and compete with large online players by understanding and engaging with their customers better.

Our Vision

We are creating a world where offline businesses can co-exist with online businesses and continue to contribute to making our cities more lively, vibrant and colourful. We dream of a world where walking into the businesses in your neighbourhood can have that same familiar feeling it did 50 years ago - "where everybody knows your name„!

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Statistic: 9

9 closely knit team members

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6 Countries

Founding date 2020

2020 - Established in Berlin

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How We Work

We’re a tightly knit team with a diverse background in terms of work, culture and life experiences and enjoy the laughs while crunching hard. We live the values of transparency, authenticity, and customer centricity on a daily basis.

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