Leverage the power of in-store data

Engage with in-store customers like online customers using Leaf's proprietary smart receipt based retail data insights & engagement tools.

Selection of Tools
Identification representation

For the first time, track and identify offline customers just like online customers, across visits & across your locations, anonymously and GDPR Compliant.

Connection graph

Connect in-store data with online and 3rd party data to understand the omni-channel journey of your customers and identify the true omnichannel loyalists.

Analytics Dashboard

Analyze and segment customers based on behaviours across channels, gaining insight into lifetime value and opportunities to increase it.

Growth Graph

Deliver data-driven personalized offers, retargetting and reactivation campaigns to drive retention and increase customer satisfaction - driving up customer life-time value and marketing ROI.

Depiction of Receipt

Provide a contactless, digital and sustainable alternative to paper receipts and drive sustainable growth of your offline business & delight your customers. All without additional hardware, cards, apps and other frills!

How it works

Choose Use Cases

Select the right use cases for offline transaction data and digital receipts for your business

Quick integration

Ultralight integration and setup < 1 Day of effort, done remotely


See results & measure outcomes within 4-6 weeks

Statistic 15%

15% increase in In-Store Revenue

Statistic 2x

2x increase in repeat visits

Statistic 33%

Easier tracking of online ads in-store impact and ROI

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