Convert happy customers into valuable reviews

1000s of happy customers but only 50 online reviews? Let's change that, with Leaf you can convert every transaction into a positive review and get your stores right up in the google results. Best part - you don't even have to ask!

Darstellung von der Bewertungsfunktion für den digtalen Kassenbon
Place higher with more reviews

More ratings mean higher rankings in search results

Growing customer base

Happy Loop - Higher ranking means more customers and more revenues!

Rank your online shop higher

Rank your new webshop higher as well, better offline ratings lead to higher ranking for your online shop

A galaxy of stars

Whether Google for your locals or Tripadvisor for the tourist, you decide where you want your reviews at all times. All your customers do is claim the receipt, 2 clicks and boom - your fresh new rating is live!

Never lose sight of your loyal customers, keep track of how many rewards are outstanding, how many of your loyal customers haven't visited in a while, and much more!

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We've gotten so many more positive Google reviews for our restaurants since Leaf we started with Leaf! The best part is, we don't even have to ask for them.

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