A Receipt for modern times

Use the Leaf QR Code to easily issue digital, legally compliant receipts from your existing cash register system and say goodbye to the paper receip

Unterstütze uns bei unserer Mission unnötige Kassenbons zu vermeiden!

Receipts are a hidden source of CO2 emissions, water waste and a growing source of non-recyclable trash. (Just look at your trash can at the end of the day). They're also often coated with dangerous levels of BPA - a carcinogen that your cashiers are currently coming in contact with every day.

Average number of transactions per day:


That's an annual environmental impact equivalent to...


of receipt paper


plastic bags


of CO2


of waste

Einfach und sofort loslegen!

Leaf ermöglicht es dir smarte, digitale Kassenbelege über den QR Code mit deinem bestehenden Kassensystem auszustellen. So profitierst du von einer nachhaltigen Lösung, die sich deinem Arbeitsablauf anpasst – alles über nur einen QR Code. Keine zusätzlichen Klicks, kein zusätzlicher Aufwand aber alle Vorteile des digitalen Kassenbons!

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Ready for the cash register law

With Leaf you can issue legally compliant, digital receipts using the physical QR code directly at your POS. The receipt of every transaction is made available via the QR code and you fulfill the obligation to issue receipts including all TSE requirements without printing even 1cm of receipt paper - it doesn't matter whether customers scan it or not!

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Your business deserves a 5-Star feedback! Give your customers a chance to tell you how well you're doing or how you could improve, easily and discreetly.

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Discount for David or special product recommendation for Silvia? Done! Easily setup offers for your customers and we'll delight them by showing the right offer at the right time!

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Connect any of your existing tools to Leaf, such as your POS or your marketing engine. Leaf works harmoniously to supercharge your checkout process and improve customer retention.

Darstellung eines digitalen Kassenbons

Digital Receipts

Issue legally conform, beautiful branded & paperless digital receipts from your POS within minutes. No hardware, no apps, no bs.

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Convert happy customers into positive online reviews on Google, TripAdvisor and more and get right on top of the search results!

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Reward your loyal customers easily and keep them coming back for more - without ever having to carry a card around.

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