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Online marketing for offline customers – customer retention for retail and gastronomy

Gone are the days of physical stamp cards and coupons in newspapers. Leaf introduces you to a whole new world of customer retention in retail and gastronomy that has only been available to e-commerce so far.

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Connect your customers to your business!

Using the right tools to build a relationship with your customers and to personalise their experience not only makes them happier customers, it's better for your business too!

Customer retention in retail and gastronomy works with Leaf's customer retention tools! We have already helped businesses:

Increase basket size – engaged customers buy more things!

Increase frequency of repeat visits

Cross & up-sell different products, increasing revenues by offering higher value items and relevant add-ons

Increase customer satisfaction


Offers and Updates

Want to let your customers know about the newest menu items? Tell them about special discounts and season ending sales? Invite them in for gingerbread and mulled wine at Christmas time? With Leaf you can create simple campaigns and send them to all your customers within minutes. No need to collect email addresses, phone numbers or handle any sensitive data – we do the hard & secure work for you!

Kundenbindung in Einzelhandel und Gastronomie


Even the most loyal customers sometimes get caught up in life and forget to visit their favourite stores and restaurants. Leaf's reactivation tools let you stay on top of that: we automatically figure out the best time to remind your customers to visit. A little message and maybe a special 'we-miss-you' offer from you sweetens the deal!

Special Moments

The anniversary of their first visit, birthdays or just a little welcome note: create simple messages and offers that your customers receive just at the right time. Set it, forget it and wait for your beaming customers to walk in the door!

Kundenbindung in Einzelhandel und Gastronomie
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Handling your customers' data safely

Customers are increasingly hesitant to share contact details and personal information at the places they shop. At Leaf we collect as little information as possible, store it in highly secure encrypted data centers in Germany and delete it when we don't need it. Ensuring all communication and interaction with the customers is GDPR-conform is our headache. You focus on growing your business and reaping the benefits of satisfied and loyal customers!