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Email marketing is the secret weapon of the online world! Setting up newsletters, sending out special offers and campaigns & collecting opt-ins via the digital receipt just made email marketing a childs play for the offline world.

Easy like Insta

Our easy to use campaign tool lets you choose from one of our many ready templates, upload an image, add a few crispy lines of text and you’re ready to go. Don’t know what to say? Our handy test samples are here to help you out. Set it up and our campaign tool will send it to your customers at the right time, making sure they know about your newest products, special offers & updates in no time.

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Monitor campaign performance

An easy overview of your campaigns: how many customers read the email, how many came and shopped again after and how many took advantage of the special offers you sent? We take the guess work out of marketing and help you easily track how the campaigns are helping your business grow.

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Connect your tools

Already have a newsletter setup for your online store using Mailchimp, sendinblue, or any of the other email marketing tools out there? Great! Via a simple integration <link to integrations> with Leaf you can start collecting signups from your in-store customers as well and send the same updates to customers across all channels!

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72% of customers prefer to receive updates via email vs social media

Email campaigns are 5x more likely to be seen than a facebook or instagram post

Reinforce your brand & values – emails allow you to say more and share your stories with your customers to have a stronger impact

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