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The Battle: Gerhard vs. Linda 

May we introduce:

This is Gerhard.

Gerhard owns a nice shop in Berlin where he sells trendy clothes.

Gerhard hesitated for a while, but now the time has come: The obligation to use the so-called technical security system is just around the corner.


No problem - he already has a digital POS and can carry it out directly. His POS supplier will make all modifications to the POS and things can go on as before.

But what Gerhard didn't know: TSS means that the POS automatically prints a receipt for every transaction without him being able to stop it!

This is Linda

This is Linda - she owns a small home and interior shop on the same street. Linda's POS supplier has recently switched to TSS and Linda does not print a single receipt.


Does this mean that Linda does not comply with the regulations of the TSS and to issue receipts? Not at all!


Linda is smart and uses Leaf. With Leaf, she makes her receipts available digitally via the QR code at her checkout, thus fulfilling all requirements. Because even if the customer does not scan the QR code, the receipt with the necessary TSS information was created and made available - without even printing one centimeter of receipt paper!

Leaf enables you to issue smart, digital receipts via the QR code at your checkout and at the same time to offer customers a digital, personalized experience.

Benefit from a sustainable, contactless solution for the receipt that adapts to your workflow - all with just one QR code.

And the best thing about it...

Linda gets to know her customers better!

With Leaf, she knows who her customers are and what they love about her business. And she can bring her customers back to the store more easily than ever - whether with great deals, information on new products or a small birthday greeting!


With Leaf...

Linda uses easy-to-use features that enable individual and direct customer contact after shopping and thus strengthen customer loyalty. This way, she sends personalized offers to her customers at the right time and watches them stream back to the store.

And the best thing about it...

Who won the first round? Seems like a clear 1-0 for the digital receipt!


Be like Linda and say goodbye to the piles of ​​receipts and strengthen the bond with your customers.

How it works:


Nach der Anmeldung setzen wir uns mit dir in Verbindung mit allen relevanten Infos und du kannst anschließend direkt über deine Kasse loslegen.


Stelle deinen QR Code neben deiner Kasse auf, sodass KundInnen diesen direkt einscannen und ihren digitalen Kassenbon erhalten können.


Nutze die Leaf Funktionen und erreiche ganz einfach KundInnen mit tollen Angeboten und spannenden Email Kampagnen zwischen den Besuchen über den Kassenbon.

* The prices are per location and month, excluding VAT.

Since I've been using Leaf, not all receipts end up in the trash any more. And my guests are happy about the new digital loyalty card.

Hana from Café Hom, Berlin

Leaf Kassenbons im Café Hom
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