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Leaf: Digital receipts you will love. 

Use the Leaf QR Code to easily issue digital and legally compliant receipts from your existing POS system and say goodbye to the paper receipt.

Full control and easy handling in one.

Paperless receipts, higher customer retention and easy marketing - all in one powerful solution.

Leaf enables you to issue smart, digital receipts via the QR code at your checkout and at the same time to offer customers a digital, personalized experience. Benefit from a sustainable solution for the receipt that adapts to your workflow - all with just one QR code.

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Ready for the cash register law

With Leaf you can issue legally compliant, digital receipts using the physical QR code directly at your POS. The receipt of every transaction is made available via the QR code and you fulfill the obligation to issue receipts including all TSE requirements without printing even 1cm of receipt paper - it doesn't matter whether customers scan it or not!

Sustainable in the TSE world

With the new regulations, paper receipts are more inconvenient than ever - for you and your customers. In addition, paper receipts represent an enormous environmental impact. The digital receipt is the solution to how your business can remain sustainable despite the new TSE requirements and how you don't drown in the piles of paper waste.

Get to know customers better

Use Leaf to seamlessly transform every payment process into getting to know your customers - like a first date where you can learn more about your interests, wishes and (purchasing) behavior from each other. Get valuable insights into who your customers are, their favorite products and the frequency of their visits - an essential tool to retain customers in the long term, as it is already common in ecommerce.

Bringing the Food
On the Phone

Simple way to reach customers

With Leaf you benefit from easy-to-use features that enable individual and direct customer contact after shopping and thus strengthen customer loyalty. Send personalized offers to your customers at the right time and watch them come back to the store.

This is how it works:


After signing up, we will contact you with all the relevant information and you can immediately get started directly from your POS.


Place your QR code next to your POS so that customers can scan it in and receive their digital receipt.


Use the Leaf features and easily reach customers with great offers and exciting email campaigns between visits using the receipt.

* The prices are per location and month, excluding VAT.

Since I've been using Leaf, not all receipts end up in the trash any more. And my guests are happy about the new digital stamp card.

Hana from Café Hom, Berlin

Leaf Kassenbons im Café Hom

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