Meet The Founders

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Mitul, Founder / CEO

As the CEO of Leaf, Mitul focuses on sales, partnerships & technology.

His background is in management consulting, where he gained several years of experience working with customers in the retail, consumer goods, and telecommunications industries. Providing data-driven solutions for engagement problems was as much part of his daily work as collecting frustrating stacks of receipts for expense management.

​Before founding Leaf, he was the Head of Analytics & Data Products at OptioPay - where he developed the engine that powers smart financial recommendations to customers using banking data.

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Chris, Founder / COO

Chris is the COO at Leaf where he's in charge of the product, design, and operations.

Chris is a passionate and experienced product guy with a background in finance and operations. He has a keen understanding of what is meaningful to users and has built many user-facing products in the fintech world. Chris gained his experience working for PwC, OptioPay, and the UK government.

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Our Story

The idea to start Leaf occurred to us because we were simply frustrated by these useless paper receipts: You pay digitally and then you get analog data that's of no use to you. Isn't that absurd?

We spent countless hours in stores in order to get an understanding of what people do with their paper receipts and to find out if they were a source of frustration to others as well. They are!

We both collected all our receipts over an extended period of time and used our experience to create a solution that's more than just an answer to the newly introduced German 'Belegpflicht' (the legal requirement to provide a receipt for every transaction).


We are closing the digitization loop of brick-and-mortar businesses by connecting the customer with their retailer via a smart, digital receipt. You can think of us as the 'offline cookie'.

Sound good?

We are always looking for more members to join the team. Head across to our jobs page to see available positions: